Home Mechanics Training

We now offer three levels of training courses in bicycle mechanics in the comfort of your own home.

Foundation Course – half day

If you Want to know how to set up your bike correctly for safer riding then this is the course for you.

In summary you will learn:-

  • Name that part – Learn the correct names for the parts of a bike
  • Remove and replace your wheels correctly
  • Remove and replace tyres without causing a puncture
  • Basic wheel truing – essential for better braking
  • How to tell if your brake blocks need replacing – Learn how to replace your brake blocks & brake adjustment
  • Set up your gears and if they won’t set up – learn why
  • Wash and Lubricate routine
  • Information on tools


Intensive Course – full day

Session as Foundation course above, but spend a day to know your way around the bike (can be done as two separate ½ day modules). Intended for anyone keen on wanting to learn more than basic repairs / maintenance.

In this session you will learn how to undertake:

  • Brake adjustment – for powerful, silent stopping & replace disc pads (disc brakes)
  • Adjusting hub bearings – for maximum life and smooth running
  • When and why does a chain need changing – How to break and rejoin a chain correctly
  • Bottom bracket and headset adjustment
  • Recommendations for routine bicycle servicing & On ride repairs
  • wider maintenance and cycling issues – plus whatever comes up on the day over a brew!


Bespoke Course – On Request

Cycle Tech Hertfordshire can tailor a course to your needs.

We can also offer a course in home cycle maintenance for MTB’S covering common problems found from the riding conditions of MTB’S. To include Foundation course in home cycle maintenance plus removing, cleaning and re-greasing headsets & bottom brackets and the specific tools you will need.

You can even build your new bicycle as part of the course. (Your new bicycle brought on-line in a box.) You can now build yourself with guidance.

Service your own bike under our trained mechanics guidance.